1. What level fitness do I need to start each of these programs? There are some requirements, listed on each program. It helps to have a base level of fitness, but isn’t required for the BASE 1 or 2 program. 
  2. How does the training program work? With the GGT training group, you receive your workouts listed in TrainingPeaks (free web based software) and a meeting every month that covers everything you need to know to get to race day!  This year we are adding time with your coach, so you can review training, ask questions and get the most out of your training!  You also will be included in a FB msg board specific to the training group you are in for support and more info! You will receive an email with all the info on how to get started after you sign up!
  3. TrainingPeaks workouts, when can we see them?  We listened to your feedback!  The workouts will be put in TP for the entire month, before the 1st of the month. 
  4. What can I expect to learn and get out of the program?  
    1. You will received structured training, that is periodized (or written in a way of gradually increasing the workout amounts/stress, balanced with appropriate recovery)
    2. Learn the resources within the community for the sport. 
    3. Learn the foundation of each individual sport.
    4. Understand how to train by heart rate, how to train with your body.
    5. Learn the basics of nutrition within the sport of triathlon.
    6. Have a group to support you in your journey!
  5. Do I need a doctors note to participate? No… BUT, we sure do suggest it!  Talking with your physician or a sports medicine doctor can give you so much information about you, how you can be safe, healthy and successful in the sport! We have a list of suggested lab work that is very helpful, please ask us for if you are going! 
  6. What equipment do I need for the swim? You need a suit, goggles, cap, paddles, buoy and kick board (last three available at most pools) and a place to swim.  Swim bands are incredibly useful add too!
  7. What equipment do I need for the bike? For the OLY and 70.3 group a road or tri bike, for the sprint any bike will do! Indoor stationary trainer that fits your bike or ability to train indoors at TBR for the OLY and 70.3.
  8. What equipment do I need for the run? Running shoes with less than 300 miles. 
  9. What other expenses should I plan on?  Triathlon can become an expensive endeavor! While we listed everything we could think of that is necessary, there is no limit to what you can add on!  In addition to what is listed above, race entry, possible hotel, tri kit.
  10. Is a heart rate monitor necessary?  YES!  You must have a heart rate monitor that has the ability to download to TP. We coach exclusively by heart rate zones.
  11. What are the benchmarks? And how does that work? This year we are asking that all athletes meet benchmarks along the way to make sure you are ready for race day! If you complete the training as written, you will reach the goals long before the benchmark times!
    1. 70.3: swim 1000m without stopping by 2/1, OWS 1500m by 6/30, 3 OWS by race,  Bike 60 continuous by miles by June 1, run 13 by May 15 (either a 13.1 or training run)

    2.  OLY:  Swim 800 straight by April 1, OWS 1200 by July 15

    3. Sprint: Swim 500 straight by April 1

  12. Are there any guidelines for the completing the workouts?  Yes!  We are asking once once we begin the race specific workouts in February, you complete more than 70% of the workouts and in the correct zone.  We realize life happens, and life doesn't always work around our schedule, but also feel it is so important to be appropriately prepared to have a successful and injury free race day!

  13. Is this a social club? Not really. We are primarily a fitness and sports focused group! Triathlon is an individual sport, our club is about the sport, learning, becoming healthier and empowered through the sport of triathlon! 

  14. Do I have to do the race if I sign up for the training group?  We created 3 different levels of groups so you can find a group that you can race with!  We do ask that your goal be to do at least that distance of race.  If the race we have chosen doesn’t work for you, please join the group and then make adjustments closer to race day.
  15. Why did you pick Racine AGAIN?!  Ug, to be honest, we didn’t want to!  BUT, it is on an absolutely stunning beach, we did want to do a race that is close to home, has the ‘easiest’ OWS, and isn’t in early June so everyone can get enough OWS practice in, and really felt Racine was the best choice for the group as a whole.
  16. Will the training include other races? YES!  The 70.3 will include a spring 13.1, both the OLY and 70.3 will include Naperville sprint tri, and Swedish Days ride. 
  17. Why are there other mandatory classes? Do I have to pay for them, is so how much?  Yes!  We are asking if you have not completed a 70.3 in the past, you ride at least one of the GGT classes at The Bike Rack each month.  Being able to ride with the group and your coach is just so important! You will gain so much in understanding where you are, how your training is going and understanding correct form. The cost is $25 per class. IF you sign up for a membership, there is a significant discount.
  18. What other classes do you recommend doing?  Yoga is an absolutely incredible way to keep your strength and flexibility where they should be to stay healthy, ward away injury and keep balance.  We will also be doing a strength training class what we highly suggest you take part of! (info coming soon!) 
  19. What is the core values, and what do you mean by adhere to it?  Much of the feedback from our last years survey we were not proud of as a group.  We want every member to be positively impacted from every GGT event!  When a member displays an attitude or action that is not in line with our core values, we will have an individual discussion of how to improve. 
  20. What kind of feedback will I receive from my coach?  You can talk with your coach during the 20 min phone meeting each month, and also by attending classes at TBR.
  21. How can I sign up for time to chat with my coach? On the T2 website, there is a section entitled, T2 Consult time. Find your coach's schedule, and sign up for a time that best fits your schedule!  Twenty minutes goes fast, so do your best to have your questions lined up and ready to go!
  22. Will my coach be at my races? We hope to be!  But, as we would love to commit to, is definitely not guaranteed. Our goal is for you to be prepared and confident for race day and ready to take it on! 
  23. Can I join the group at anytime? The training groups are a continuous program that build on the knowledge, experiences and training of the months before.  We will open the program up again Feb 1 for the race specific phase.  The sprint and OLY programs will be open to all, talk with 
  24. Can I cancel at anytime? Absolutely!  Please email your coach, and no further charges will be made to your account. 
  25. What will the monthly meetings consist of?  Each meeting will be lead by T2 coaches. Most months, there will be one meeting for all groups combined.  Several months there will be breakout meetings, you can go to any or all meetings.  We will do our best to stick to this schedule, but as its so challenging to know what lies ahead, may change based on scheduling or needs of the group. 

Oct  How to get started and what to expect!- Linda

Oct 15th 3pm Delnor TrainingPeaks Understanding the metrics -Christine

Nov 13th 3pm Delnor Correct Freesytle swim Stroke and how to use bands-Janine and Christine

Dec : Correct run technique 

Jan: Nutrion for tri

Feb: Mental training for the sport 

March:  Tire change clinic

April:  Transition clinic! 

May:  What else is out there, and how can I self coach? 

June: Race distance specific

July: Race distance specific


Thank you!  Wow.. that seems like a lot of writing!  We appreciate your time in reading, and look forward to starting the group October 1st!