At T2, we believe every athlete can become their best coach.  We work with our athletes not only to reach their goals for this season, but to become that best coach for years to come.


We have a variety of different services available to help you become a better athlete and achieve your goals


Pre-Written Training Plans, Are you looking for a push in the right direction to help achieve your goals. Let our pre-written training plans help. We have a wide selection of plans that will assist you in achieving you goals. A few examples of the plans are, Riding your first century, Building aerobic fitness, Your first 70.3, Introduction to riding with power, Preparing for a criterium race.

These plans are available for purchase through training peaks. This is a great option for someone who is on a tight budget but looking to get started. You can alays start with this then upgrade if needed.

Consultations,  We do all kinds of coaching consultations, Do you want to know, could you have done more/better last season, could you have pushed harder in a race, why did you bonk during a race, what race is best for you. In a one on one consultation, we can help you find the answers to any of these questions. We'll sit down with you and review the data that's available and figure out what went wrong, what was working, what was you strength and what needs work. Then come up with a plan of action for you to carry out.

Consultations are great for anyone! It's an opportunity to work one on one with a coach and address any questions or concerns you may have about your training or racing. If you are not looking for a monthly plan but would rather DIY this is the best way to start. 

Monthly Coaching, This is the best way for us to help you achieve you goal and become a better athlete. We offer 4 different levels of coaching, you can view them HERE. By selecting a monthly coaching plan this allows us to work with you on a weekly basis. We do regular testing to make sure we are seeing performance gains and validate the training you are doing.

We believe that a monthly coaching plan is the best option for all athletes.

Skills Clinic Coaching, We offer skills clinics for kids and adults. We cover everything from the basics that have probably been forgotten to riding in a peloton. This is a great group activity that helps everyone involved become a better cyclist.


At T2, we believe every athlete can become their best coach.  We work with our athletes not only to reach their goals for this season, but to become that best coach for years to come.

We start by sitting down with you and understanding where you have been and where you want to go.  First, we will evaluate where you are today!  We will do a series of field tests to evaluate where you are in each sport.  What are your sport specific limiters and strengths?  We want to understand how your training and racing has gone in the past and why.

Working within the time you have to invest in your training, let's PLAN!!  Long term plans are the best. They make you a better athlete in the years to come, and a stronger athlete today. You have a vision of where you will be and we will get you there!

Now that we have our short and long goals defined .... Let's start with a long term look into what we can do now to improve over years.  Now we will plan for the future, break that future into season, seasons into sport specific focus, then into training cycles and weekly training schedules.  Every week we will then work together to fit the best training for that week into your life. 

Let the training begin! You will need a TrainingPeaks and Garmin Connect account and a heart rate monitor that can download into your account. We do not require power on your bike, but to get the most out of your training we highly recommend.  We do require a Garmin watch or computer. 

We love numbers!  By following the training, you will be able to see your progression in your aerobic base and pace.  We will also repeat  your field test every 6-8 weeks to ensure you are getting the most out of your training. 

Every week we will also address topics and issues that will not only help perform stronger on race day, but make you a better athlete.  


We look forward to helping you take your training to that next level.  You can purchase any training plan via the store tab.  For any questions, please send a note via the contact page.