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USAC Level 3
TrainingPeaks Level 2

I'm a life-long competitive athlete. I started playing outdoor hockey when I was 5 years old in Minnesota, and then played at a competitive level through high school. Eleven years later, I discovered cycling, and have been hooked ever since. My personal primary focus is on criterium racing. I also really enjoy any kind of riding from grand prix, omniums, time trials, and century’s, to Saturday morning coffee shop rides.

I am a huge fan of the science behind cycling, and I am a very data driven coach. With the technology that we have available to us today such as power meters, heart rate monitors and WKO4 software, the coach and athlete have such an advantage in training compared to 10 years ago. We can understand and articulate strengths and weaknesses that are specific to each individual athlete by specifically targeting the areas that need improvement for optimal gains. We are no longer in the times of trial and error. Today’s technology can help us measure gains and track improvements on a regular basis.

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