1.  How does it work?  

With the GGT training group, you receive your workouts listed in TrainingPeaks and a meeting every month that covers everything you need to know to get you to race day! This year we are adding time with your coach, so you can review training, ask questions and get the most out of your training. A ton of support from your peeps in the group!  We have a closed FB group that is a wonderful source of info, resources and support! 

3.  How do I get my training plans from TP?

Sign up with a free TrainingPeaks account at TrainingPeaks.com.  When you sign up for the training group, you will be sent a link to connect with the group!  When you do, you will see the group workouts listed.  If you have a Garmin or other compatible device you can set all your training up to auto download.  Then you have a history of your workouts!

4.  What do I need to have to participate?  

I love for the sport and … stuff!  Triathlon can get to become a very expensive endeavor!  Here is a list of necessary costs, many more smaller things will come up..  there would be no limit to what you can add on to this!  But this is a good start to the major expenses! 

-a bike! road or tri bike (for the OLY and 70.3), any bike for the sprint, helmet and bike shoes

-race entry

-hotels for a minimum the night before the race (70.3)

-heart rate monitor that is download compatible with TrainingPeaks

-wetsuit (70.3) or wetsuit rental (OLY or Sprint)

-access to a swim pool

-indoor stationary trainer that fits your bike or ability to train indoors at TBR

-heart rate monitor

-tri kit

-alot of other random stuff!  lol triathlon adds up! 

5. I see there are qualifying benchmarks, how does this work? 

OWS and triathlon is dangerous, and if you aren't prepared it is no fun and is not in your best interest to complete.  That is why we put You can complete the swims at Delnor with Janine or Karen during Masters times.   


6.  Unlike other years, I see that there are a required amount of workouts and doing in the correct zones.  Do we have to and why?


Yes!  The training is written by certified coaches who know are giving you years of experience and expertise in training to empower you to do your best race day!   We feel so strongly in the methods we coach, and want to ensure you always stress your body in the correct way so you can get to your best potential without injury or negatively effecting your health. As far as number of workouts, we completely understand that shit happens.  You get sick, your child gets sick, life is complicated!  No one gets every workout in. BUT, racing is a goal and a commitment.  If you can't get the committed amount of workouts in, it is probably not in your best interest to race.  We also believe strongly in the benefit of targeted zone training. IF you believe or have another way you like to train, we totally think you should do it!!! (but you probably aren't a good fit with the group!)  We just want to make sure we are always looking out for the best interest of the group, and also investing time within the group to the athletes who are making the most of the program. 


9.  Will the training include any other races?  

The Sprint group will have an opt 5k (tbd)

The OLY distance will be doing Naperville tri

The 70.3 group will do a spring 13.1 and Naperville tri

10. Is there anything that will be helpful to have, but not required?

well .. now that you asked .. lol we will be working with these things, they are extras, not necessary .. but think are so helpful!

-swim bands

-stretch bands

-sheila workout book

-membership or individual classes at delnor masters

-classes at TBR

-POWER on your bike!!!  Can't explain in words how much I truly hope more athletes invest in power. 

13. Can I join the group at anytime?

The program is a continuous program the builds on the knowledge shared and experiences and training of the months before.  

-We strongly suggest you start in October if your goal is the 70.3 and you are new to the sport.

-If you are a return 70.3 athlete, please start before or by February 1st. 

-All programs will close on February 1st. 

14. Do you require a physical before starting?

e strongly suggest you have a physical and get baseline blood work drawn. Having a conversation about your risk factors and ensuring you are

14.  Questions?