Winter Computrainer Rental

Wish you had a training studio you didn’t have to drive to? One in your very own home? We are here to help you make that happen!

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How Does it work?

Professional Computrainer Set

T2’s very own Pat Murphy will hand deliver the computrainer, set up with your computer and equipment. Pat will teach you how to calibrate, how to trouble shoot issues that may arise. He will also help you be workout ready by walking you though start up, utilizing your software and how to care for your equipment throughout the season.

Software to use with your CT

Computrainers can use many different software programs for your training success! You can utilize Swift, TrainerRoad or PerfPro. We would love to talk with you and help you understand what the best solution if for you! Each program can be purchased via the software’s website.

Computrainer Rental Winter 2018-219

Rental includes Computrainer, cables, delivery, set up and removal. Rental begins fall or 2019 and is complete April 30, 2019. . MUST have a compatible computer, computer screen/tv, electrical outlets, trainer skewer and extension cords if needed. Best to have a workout mat or floor protection. You will receive a call or email to schedule placement.

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